Andrew May

Headshot of Andrew May

Promotions Director

Hailing from the black fertile dirt and wind turbines of Forest City, Iowa, I’d like to introduce myself; I am Andrew May. As a senior at Waldorf University, I am a communication major with an emphasis in Digital Media, Graphic Design, and Public Relations with a minor in Art. I am the Director of Promotions for WalTV Channel 55, the best college television stations in North Iowa.

If one happens to watch WalTV Channel 55 (hint, hint), they will witness promotions of activities, events, clubs, and organizations on the Waldorf University Campus and in Forest City. I have had the pleasure of creating many of these as well as encouraging fellow students to do the same. I instruct my peers and personally utilize Adobe After Effect & Premiere Pro, Blender and ProTools in our creative endeavors. Working with people and promoting activities in the community and on the Waldorf Campus has been an exciting and rewarding experience.

Besides being part of the WalTV station, I am a part of Alpha Chi National College Honor Society, the Waldorf Wind Ensemble, the technology ministry at the Fertile Church of Christ and assist with activities and events in the IT Department.

I enjoy hanging out with my great family and friends, playing and listening to music, reading, biking, playing retro & new video/board games and working on personal graphic design and video/ filming projects. I relish being creative and hope to be involved with an animation/film studio.

“This is WalTV Channel 55.”