Bela Ruiz

Bela Headshot

Hey everyone! My name is Isabela Ruiz, but I prefer Bela, and I am from Denver, Colorado. I am a sophomore Communications major at Waldorf University with an emphasis in digital media and looking into adding graphic design as well. My freshman year, second semester, I was assistant director of Programming for WalTV, where I assisted in uploading and updating videos on our website and station. Currently, I am an assistant station manager for WalTV alongside with Mitchell Keeran and Morgan Roberts.

Other than being a part of WalTV, I am also a part of the paranormal club on campus, where we investigate haunted places through the cities of Iowa! I am also a member of the Warrior Women in Leadership (WWiL) Program.

As for me personally, my family consist of three brothers on my mom side and two step sisters and one step brother on my dad’s side, big family I must say. My family continues to grow, and I am an aunt to a baby boy on my moms side and also an aunt to two boys on my dads side. They’re my biggest support system and encourage me to really push myself out there, I am a big Star Wars nerd. I am former soccer player and love to do photography and editing on Adobe programs as a side hobby. In the near future, I hope to be working as a move editor!