Morgan Roberts

Image of Morgan Roberts

Hey guys!  My name’s Morgan Roberts, and I am a Freshman here at Waldorf University.  This is my first year as assistant director of production for WalTV.  That means I help make different videos to put on the WalTV station (channel 55).  I am excited to see what my future here at WalTV and Waldorf holds.   My major is in communications with an emphasis in digital media.  I am also minoring in business.

Besides WalTV, I also spend my time doing school, homework, or working at the dance studio in town.  I also enjoy doing things like photography in my spare time.  It’s something I’ve loved doing for a long time.  Apart from that I also like to unwind after a long day watching a TV show or a movie.  Some of my favorites are comedies, like How I Met Your Mother, or sci-fi like Stranger Things.

I’m from the tiny little town of Leland, Iowa.  Back home I have my parents, my older sister, and my younger brother.  We also have an adorable old cat named Luna.  She’s reaching somewhere around eleven years old now, but she still kind of acts like a kitten.

I love how Waldorf allows students to use their creativity in so many different ways in communications.  Creativity can take you almost anywhere, and Waldorf really helps you do that and prepare for the future.