Danica Cheney

Headshot of Danica Cheney

Station Manager/Production Director

Hey guys! My name is Danica Cheney and I’m currently in my third year at Waldorf. I am majoring in communications with an emphasis in digital media, journalism and public relations.

This year I am serving as the assistant station manager of WalTV. That’s channel 55 for those near or in Forest City. Otherwise we livestream most of our productions, or post them on YouTube for all to see.

Apart from WalTV, I am also on the Waldorf volleyball team. Between school work and volleyball I’m always busy, but in my free time I love to go to other sporting events, hike, go frolfing, or just stay in and watch Netflix with a quality bag of microwave popcorn. Back home in Upsala, MN, I have my wonderful parents, two older brothers that live farther up north, and an old smelly dog named Buster.

Waldorf has been amazing. My favorite thing is that in the communications department, we are free to run with our own creativity. We have access to top notch equipment and professors that care and are willing to help every step of the way.